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Python Web Development

Python is one of the most potent language offering reliability, simplicity, and flexibility to Web Development.

It was the first technology used at NiviData. We proudly say that it is our supreme strength that has made us one of the best python developers in Ahmedabad, India, with more than one and half decades of experience. We have mastered diversified frameworks supported by python, offering a desirable solution to justify any business requirements. Our capabilities in Django Frameworks and Business Intelligence had boosted our clients’ sales by enhancing their overall productivity. We also support the B2B structure by leveraging our business clients with the top-notch Python web developers. We have a rich knowledge of data structure and architecture. Also, we strictly follow design standards.

If you hire us, we assure not only top-quality and scalable products but also end-to-end support even after the project completion.

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Tornado
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Single page application development / integration

A Single Page Application fits the entire website’s requirements in just one single page.

We have achieved a massive milestone by developing or integrating our clients’ websites to enhance their users’ experiences by delivering extremely rapid speed, user-friendly UI/UX designs, topmost flexibility, and most desirable functionalities. We are well-equipped with technologies like Angular JS, React JS, and Vue JS, which exclusively support single-page applications. We follow our Self-designed Engagement Model based on an extensive review based system which has privileged us to work closely with our clients and understand their requirements better. Attractive, Agile, Robust, and Innovative are our four keys for a value-driven product for our clients.

  • React JS
  • Angular Framework
  • Vue JS
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API Development

APIs promote interactions between two components.

We are a team of skillful developers experienced enough to handle any API Development based requirements, regardless of its complexity. Our API development capability covers all broader areas, including Cloud, Mobile, or Web-based applications. Models like Service Oriented Architecture, REST API, and GraphQL extensively used for API development.

We use two types of approaches to provide stable solutions:

  • Process-Oriented Approach
  • Quality Oriented Approach

We follow a customized workflow, specifically for API development, that begins with the understanding of our client’s in-depth requirements followed by our extensive analysis, which creates a base for backend designing and further proceeds to design Business Logic. We emphasize on testing and validation by following best networking and seamless integration practices.

  • Python/Django
  • Node/Express
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
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Lead Generation and Management Tools

Lead Generation promises potential customers for a business that helps in generating more sales.

The most important part in Lead Generation Projects is to understand the client’s business complexity. We brainstorm to the limits to identify in and out of the client’s business. We then design a customized model to capture high-quality leads. Two critical factors are considered during model designing.

  • Client / Project Specific Model
  • Technology Specific Model

We are capable enough to support big and small businesses by targeting convertible leads for our clients, which will result in increasing ROIs. To justify, with the help of our lead generation strategies, a client of ours increased its user base by 147%. We are experts in generating relevant, and ready-for-sales leads for any diversified niche industry. We strongly believe in end-to-end support i.e., from requirement gathering to sales generation.

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Leadsquare
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eCommerce Development

Today’s eCommerce Industry is either customer-driven, technology-driven, or industry-driven, and we excel in all of them.

eCommerce Development is the backbone of NiviData with successfully handling 10+ complex and diversified projects along with 6+ years of an experienced team in the same field.

We work on a principle:

“What I want, I should get.”

We serve best in both eCommerce and two-way marketplace. Our Major focus areas for eCommerce based projects are:

  • Inventory management:
  • It is the pillar of eCommerce Development. We are best at developing both new inventories as well as migrating existing inventories to the new for better scalability and a more extensive user base.

  • Content Management System (CMS):
  • We facilitate our clients with CMS which allows flexibility to manage their own data on their eCommerce platform.

  • Payment gateways:
  • We are highly flexible in integrating any payment gateways (based on the client’s choice/location/region/business) like Stripe, PayPal, Bently, and Knet. We emphasize on reliability, security, and scalability for eCommerce development, especially. We strongly believe eCommerce is our real strength.

  • Django Oscar
  • Saleor
  • Spree Commerce
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CMS Development

Content Management System (CMS) makes content management simpler enough that even a non-technical user can easily manage it.

CMS is generally designed as per client specific requirements. We entertain clients who have both no or good idea about the designing specifications. We are also flexible enough to work on on-demand specifications. In fact, we are extremely good at customization. Our user-friendly and clean designs had leveraged our clients with supreme flexibility of adding, editing or deleting their text, posts, files, image, or video-based content on their own. Django CMS is the primary framework used at NiviData for CMS Development. A secure, stable, and fast CMS is what we offer to our clients.

  • Django CMS
  • WordPress
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Responsive Web Development

We are living in an era of devices. Whether it is a laptop, mobile, or a tablet, a user expects similar browsing experience making responsive web development extremely important.

By default, we make our every web development responsive because nowadays, this is not a demand, it’s a requirement. We strongly believe in attractive and interactive UI. We carry out strategic compaction of content, versatile websites suitable for any device, optimize images and videos that can quickly adapt to the diverse environment, and advanced web programming languages and technologies that strictly support responsiveness. We work hand-in-hand with our consultants, who have a good sense as well as experience with UI/UX designing. Our team has an enormous capability to convert any static content into a lively and responsive website.

  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
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Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App Development is enhancing the capability of a website to experience it like a mobile or desktop App. Optimization, uniformity, and flawlessness are three essential characteristics considered during the development process. Our progressive web app development offers

  • Push notification that maximizes user engagement
  • Fast speed with low data consumption
  • Optimized content for better visualization
  • Seamless browsing, even with low internet speed or offline
  • Facilitates clean navigation
  • Using secure channels during distribution, and
  • Installable

We aim to deliver world-class products by using all our technical expertise that can help in promoting your business.

  • React
  • Angular
  • Javascript
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